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Bows made to make you smile

Custom made by you for gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, and more!

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Spring Collection 

Limited edition bows that have handmade flowers and raindrops


Stanley Toppers

A great way to add some fun to your Stanley, Owala, Simply Modern, or Starbucks water bottles


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Bows you customize yourself!


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These bows are custom and are a perfect mix of elegant and simple.


Hi I'm Ella!

Owner of Happy Dance Bows

Happy Dance Bows was inspired by my love of making people smile! I am a competitive gymnast myself, and love being able to wear these bows to practice and compete in!  I want everyone to be able to feel and look their best for whatever competition or practice they are doing because when you look good, you feel good!

☆ Testimonials ☆
Overall the bows are really amazing! I love all the colors that there are and how personalized they are. They're super cute and are perfect for bedazzling up practice! 
I really love the bows! They're not too small or too big. They each have their own unique look. I love how I really get to express my personality when customizing them with leotards. There the perfect accessory and really make you stand out in a gymnastics meet. I would definitely recommend these bows!

Happy dance bows is a wonderful way to add joy to your day. Wearing the bows makes you feel happy and wanna dance. They are great quality and I would definitely recommend getting them. They also have very good designs and they are affordable. I wouldn't say this about most companies but I think this is my favorite bow company. It's fun being able to see all the gymnasts at the gym wearing them and matching there leos. They are the hype. Supporting a small  business like this is just really amazing. 


Ella's bows are amazing and stylish. You should definitely buy them because if you need shine she's got it!