Happy dance bows

Bow Pricing 

Here are all of our different bows and how we price them...

(all prices include shipping)

Custom Bows


  • Create your own bows

  • Three sizes: medium, small, and designer bows

  • ALL custom bows are the same price

  • Shipped in a cute box to make sure your bows don't get damaged 

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Special collection bows


  • Different bows that are specific and pre designed 

  • Special patterns and styles 

  • Unique bows for the holidays each year

  • Expect some to stay but once a style is out - it's out! 

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SuRprise PersonalITy Box


  • Fill out a Google form so we know exactly what you would like

  • Then we get to pick out 1 medium sized bow and 2 littles

  • You get 2 sets of bows for only $15 (normally priced at $20)

  • A fun thing to be excited about since you don't know to expect! 

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